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Economic Car & Bakkie Hire

La Bella Vita Beauty Studio, Summerstrand

The beauticians at La Bella Vita will do what they can to ensure that you look and feel beautiful the moment you set foot on their premises. Unwind in the capable hands of the professional staff, as they banish unwanted tension knots, replenish dull skin and spoil your hands and feet, with a number of soothing, beautifying and replenishing treatments.
Contact Kathleen on 071-698-9392


Shop 1A, Torquay centre
Seagate Centre

SA vs England in the 3d rugby test in PE

Three test rugby series 2012 time !!!!!!!!!!!! with the third test between South Africa and England taking place in PE this saturday at our beautiful new Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.

Watersport galore

The bellbuoy swimming challenge, the ironman 2012, the national hobbie cat championship, and so many other watersport events have animated our beautiful nelson mandela bay in the last few weeks.

Road closures this weekend with the Ironman

on Saturday 21 April, from 7h00 till 10h00:  The Vodacom Corporate Triathlon Challenge.  
                 – Marine Drive is closed from the Caltex Garage opposite Hobie Beach to Noordhoek 
on Sunday 22 April: The Ironman South Africa
            – Full closure: 
Buffelsfontein Rd from 5h00 till 17h30 with crossovers at designated areas.
            – Crossover intersections on Heugh/Buffelsfontein Rdwill be available at the following points 
           – Roads manned by traffic officers: Walmer: 1st Ave, 3rd Ave, 6th Ave, 9th Ave, 10th Ave, 7th Ave, Melsetter Rd
           –  Full closure: all roads connecting into the route from Mount Pleasant to KiniBayand back to Hobie Beach.
           –  Full closure: Seaview Road, Heron Road, Sardinia Bay Road, Victoria Drive
           –  Full closure until midnight: Marine Drive from the NMMU back gate to Driftsands Drive


High occurrence of “Bluebottle” on our beaches

The commonly-known “bluebottle”, also known as the “Portuguese man-o-war”, or  physalia physalis is not a jellyfish but a species of siphonophores made up of a colony of four kinds of polyps. The bluebottle has many long tentacles that, if stung by one, can cause excruciating pain and threaten the safety of bathers.The “bluish” little balloon has occurred often this year on our beaches and it it surprising that still many bathers are unaware of its nefast effects….
IF STUNG, WHAT TO DO…. Depending on the coverage of the stings and the person’s sensitivity, it is best to constantly monitor for an allergic reaction and shock such as severe pain, high swelling, breathing problems, or difficulty swallowing. In this case consult a doctor immediately.Lemon or lime juice and vinegar SPRINKLING on the wound have been found to alleviate pain and swelling.
If you’re at the beach, using a shell or credit card to scrape away the stinging cells will work, NOT your hands and fingers as this will results in you also getting stung.

To assist with pain relief, pain relievers can be used

Residents Association Meeting

The Summerstrand Residents Association invites you to its bi-monthly meeting to discuss important issues in your area on:
Tuesday, 3d April 2012
Time: 5:30pm – 6:45pm
Where: Rendezvous Room, Pearson High School, Summerstrand

Water tariffs

Stepped tariffs remain, and residents are allowed to use hose-pipes and sprinklers to water their gardens ONLY BETWEEN 16:00 and 22:00 daily.

The metro has taken the decision that stepped tariffs will remain in place to encourage users to remain frugal with their water comsumption.

Report service delivery problems


REPORT ANY SERVICE DELIVERY PROBLEMS TO THE Nelson Mandela Metro Service Delivery Centre.
TOLL FREE – Customer Care Help-line on tel: 041-506 5555. Fax: 041 506 1304.

The centre was launched to improve turnaround times on complaints from residents in the Metro. Each complaint receives a unique tracking number with daily feedback to the Municipal Manager. Make us of it!

Let’s do our bit for the environment !

We now have recycling bins at the Summerstrand Total Garage on Admiralty Way, so let us all drop our sorted waste in their respective waste bins:
1) cans (all cans and food tins, meal lids, Alumininium foil & packaging, paint tins)
2) glass (all glass items EXCEPT drinking glasses, !light bulbs!, pyrex and ceramics
3) paper (all paper EXCEPT laminated and carbon paper, stickers and waxy paper)
4) plastics (all plastics EXCEPT all “tetrapak” containers (fruit juice & milk)

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