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[/important]This website represents the suburb of Summerstrand and its residents, it is sponsored by Azur Real Estate, real estate specialists in the area, with the aim of further fostering a sense of community within the suburb and its surrounds by providing a platform for its residents, businesses, and associations to exchange, collaborate, communicate, assist, help, and network within the community. 

Summerstrand is a beach village in the city of PORT ELIZABETH, on the border of the Indian Ocean protected by Nelson Mandela Bay. The suburb of Summerstrand is well-known for its beautiful beaches and amenities that usually equate with beach holidays, sport and entertainement events such as the IronMan, the Splash Festival etc… Summerstrand proudly hosts the internationally-acclaimed Humewood Golf course, the local South and North University campuses of NMMU, the Cape Receife conservancy, SAMREC, the famous surf spot “The Pipe”, and so much more…Summerstrand was ranked in 2007 the BEST SUBURB in South Africa to live in (Source: Finweek 20/12/2007). This ranking was based on the suburb’s highest rated quality of life, suburb standards, environmental quality, living resources, and its “ELEVATED sense of community and safety”.